About Alice Wilkinson

aw on south  bank of the Thames

Although I live in Deer Isle, Maine, now, I have not always lived here. I grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and lived in Youngstown, Ohio for many years before moving to Maine. I have lived here fifteen years, and find myself taking pictures of the landscape just to record it.

My primary interest is really in the contrast between what I expect to see, and what seems to be there.

Photographs do not record the truth. They only record what the photographer sees at that moment, through the lens, and that is what makes them both interesting and mysterious. You never see what happens in the next frame.

Most of my photographs are of ordinary stuff. Sometimes an ordinary scene becomes something else through the lens of the camera, and often what I see is not even what the person next to me sees.

I am very interested in color and shape, but the subject matter of my photographs varies widely—streets, stuff piled in a corner, things on walls, building, people waiting, even landscapes—in short, what I see.

Alice Wilkinson

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